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Wool magic

WOOL Not Just Yarn. True. A whole sheep fleece is a glorious canvas of possibilities. No part need be wasted, except perhaps the most heavily soiled, beyond rescue by a healthy cleaning. Ninety percent of each fleece we find a way to use. Now, just think of all the things you can do with a wool fleece! You can save the best sections for yarn, whether hand-spun or milled, you can use the next best for felting, you can set aside some extra silky curls for doll hair, light fixtures, and other crafts, and use less lustrous wool for insulation, stuffing or dryer balls. So you see, that gorgeous fleece that the sheep no longer needs can transform itself into a miracle of offerings: clothes, blankets, slippers, bags, toys, pillows, light fixtures, home decor pieces, rugs, mattress and duvet stuffing, building and equipment insulation, laundry balls, wall art and tapestry, 3-D sculpture and so much more. It’s a magical fiber, and it can last a lifetime in whatever form in takes!  *Made onother scarf . Very soft merino ,silk ,viscoze fiber mix and this is final result of very cozy, very soft and unique textured scarf, you can wear any side you like , both looks amazing. Very long 93 inches by 14.

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