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Dress your world in art

Dress your world in art with my collection of unique wearable pieces. Silk shiffon and

Find the perfect conversation starter to add a touch of personality to your wardrobe.

 The combination of these fabrics will create a garment that is both luxurious and ethereal, perfect for a special event.

Unleash Your Inner Trendsetter! My shop is overflowing with unique treasures - something special awaits you.

Don't just wear clothes, ignite a movement. Become the walking conversation starter, the head-turning canvas, the revolution personified - one thread at a time.

Weave a story with each thread, a narrative that demands attention, ignites curiosity, and sparks conversations that reshape the world, one revolution at a time.

Very light as air, perfect for hot summer days or beach. Very light silk and thin borders of wool on the edges.

The tunic is a mix of my creations on silk chiffon and wool accents on the edges with modern contemporary cuts perfect for luncheons and evening soiree.

This is medium/ large size

approximately 34 inches wide and Length approx. 25inches long

Blue in lighter and darker tones, and some rust colors with black wool accents on the edges.

Live in New York, let me know i sell in person, this is the best way to make everyone happy.

* Video is just a sample of how it looks on the body Same size tunic just a different color. The last image is just a sample of how i wear with a long summer dress.

FREE shipping US.====================================================================================

While we may not be next-day delivery, we put our heart and soul into your order. We take care to ensure your package arrives safely, and USPS First Class Mail gets it there within ​3-5 business days.


Loose Design Suits Many Occasions And Complements A Wide Range Of Body Sizes And Shapes. It Drapes Beautifully and Is Very Relaxing.

One of the top must-have pieces of summer. Stylish and Fashionable print tunic/kaftan.

Very light as air , perfect for hot summer days or beach.

Gentle Hand wash only and steam wool edges.

No returns.

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