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Soft handmade merino wool Scarf and fingerless gloves set in bright yellow color. Legh approximately 35x12.5inch Cold weather is just around the corner.
Keep yourself warm. Fingerless gloves are perfect for driving, gaming, typing, texting and more. There are lot of different types of fingerless gloves to choose from, so it all depends on what you need. Classic fingerless gloves are made from wool and do what they are meant to: keep your hands warm.
While fingerless gloves serve a functional purpose, they can also serve an aesthetic purpose. If you’re looking for something neutral that blends in, then go with colors such as black, dark grey, tan or brown. However, if you like your accessories to be more bold, then choose eye-catching colors like pink, red, green , yellow and blue.
In general, wearing yellow will contribute to a happy, fun, and positive mood overall. It is the color of sunshine and, accordingly, it has the potential to lift everyone up. It's also the most uplifting joyful color you can wear. Yellow is the joy-boosting color trend of the moment
Process of interlocking merino wool fibers with just a soap and water

*Every Merino wool garment and accessories is crafted from ethically sourced wool obtained from sheep who are well-fed, treated humanely, and live natural, healthy lives.

Scarf merino wool and finger less gloves set in bright yellow color .

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