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wool gloves

Wool and silk combo felted mittens. Merino and silk . Images are mine paintings printed on silk and felted with wool. In cold winter will keep you very warm.

Wool mittens with cool-looking painted faces sound like a whimsical and creative accessory.

New one-of-a-kind Wool merino Mittens with Cool Painted Faces – where warmth meets personality! These charming mittens are crafted from cozy wool, ensuring your hands stay toasty in chilly weather. What sets them apart? Each mitten features a delightful and cool painted face, adding a touch of character and fun to your winter wardrobe.

Made from high-quality wool, these mittens not only showcase creativity but also provide the warmth and comfort you need during cold seasons. The soft and insulating wool keeps your hands snug while making a bold fashion statement.

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