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Meringue home décor work of art available now.

Meringue home décor work of art available now. Amazing looking home décor piece, white as snow and light as feather. If you just want to add a good feel to any of your rooms, this definitely can be used for . If your room is barely decorated with any accessories, adding a unique art piece is the best way to instantly make the room look great and feel cozy. Delicate , handmade and always one of a kind.

Can be used as light, just use Flexible LED Strip Light inserted inside.

Create a space as unique as you with these one of a kind fiber art wall or window décor pieces..

Only 2 is available right now. Approximately 25inch long and comes with Hanging System 6 1/2 ft long with Adjustable length , perfect if you have high ceilings in your room. Price is for one. The one is available has red dot on it .

Free shipping US

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