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black and white vest

Another vest in black and white with asemic writing. It’s time to go bold and trendy, it’s time for bright colors now! A mix of digital prints on silk chiffon and wool fibers.

*Why The Long Vest Works So Well

Long vests create a long lean line.

Perfect for hiding bellies and distracting attention away from them.

Great to give you some extra warmth and a fabulous transition piece for fall.

Easy to layer. Wear over a variety of tops and wear cardigans or jackets over them when it gets really cold.

You can play with different fabrics.

They come in a variety of fabrics and weights and sometimes allow you to create an architectural look.

You can create various looks depending on your vest. From edgy to bohemian to minimalist to casual chic. Always one of a kind and made in New York . *Every Merino wool garment and accessories is crafted from ethically sourced wool obtained from sheep who are well-fed, treated humanely, and live natural, healthy lives.

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